About the Project

Project Summary

In 2015, the Lexington Department of Planning, Preservation, and Development began exploring the possibility of installing sidewalks along both sides of Southland Drive, from Nicholasville Rd to Rosemont Garden. This project is currently in the design phase and has a budget of $250,000. The goals of this project are to:

  1. Improve pedestrian safety along Southland Drive
  2. Provide valuable pedestrian connections to the neighborhoods surrounding Southland Drive
  3. Encourage economic activity along the corridor
  4. Provide opportunities to create a cohesive brand for the Southland corridor

In addition, the City’s Division of Planning will have the great pleasure of working with the University of Kentucky’s Interior Design, Historic Preservation, and Landscape Architecture programs this upcoming year. As their class project, students will explore the history of and design solutions to retrofitting the suburban strip mall. For more information on this, please check out Retrofitting the RETRO.

Project Elements & Schedule

Public Engagement (Fall 2016)

The Lexington Department of Planning, Preservation, and Development will be holding public meetings, conducting online survey, attending neighborhood meetings and gather feedback fro the public in other ways in the early part of 2016. This is a critical part of understanding what the challenges and opportunities are for the project. During this phase, engineering firms will also be collecting survey information about the corridor, so don’t be surprised if you see surveyors in the area. If you would like to stay up-to-date, check back here and sign up for email alerts.

Sidewalk and Stormwater Analysis (Summer/Fall 2016)

Engineering firms hired by the City of Lexington will analyze potential sidewalk routes, as well as the stormwater facilities in the era. Their task is to find the best route that follows the  preferences expressed by the public, while remaining sensitive to stormwater management needs and engineering standards. The results of this analysis will be presented to the public for discussion and posted here.

This project will require changes to some entrances and parking lots along the corridor. The Department of Planning, Preservation, and Development will work closely with business owners to come up with solutions that work for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns about how this project might impact your business, please contact us.

Design (Fall 2016)

Once a route is chosen. Engineers will complete preliminary and final technical plans to be used for construction of the project.

Construction (2017)

Based on the final plans, the City of Lexington will request bids from construction companies to complete construction of the project. The construction was funded by the Mayor and the Urban County Council in the FY 2017 budget in the amount of $1,850,000.

Construction is messy, there is no way around it, but we will work with our contractors to try to be as considerate as possible during construction phase. Please check back here and sign up for email alerts to stay informed during construction.

If you have any questions or concerns about the construction of this project, please contact us.