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The City’s Division of Planning will have the great pleasure of working with the University of Kentucky’s Interior Design, Historic Preservation, and Landscape Architecture programs this upcoming year. As their class project, students will explore the history of and design solutions to retrofitting the suburban strip mall typology. This is an academic exercise that will explore how best to enhance the limiting physical characteristics of a retro strip center and will recommend light and affordable physical design solutions to retrofit the existing built environment.

The goal of the Retrofitting the RETRO: Southland Dr. project is to examine the current conditions in this area and propose ways to improve it for all users. This deals primarily with innovative ways to improve current conditions to address safety, comfort, wayfinding, sustainability, bike and pedestrian circulation, and community gathering spaces while maintaining the character and sense of place that is Southland Dr.

The fall semester kicks off on August 24th and students will begin their research and data collection soon after. Keep an eye out for more information to come and for students walking the corridor to understand the history, businesses, visitors, and built environment of Southland Drive. Sign up for email alerts to stay up to date! Learn more about the Retrofitting the RETRO project by checking out the project page.

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